Below is a full description of our Crowdfunding Campaign Promotional services and what each package includes as well as some of the most successful Crowdfunding Projects we have been a part of or helped promote in the past years.

Ayudos has been in the crowdfunding industry for 2 years and in that time has helped over a 1,000 projects reach their goals and spread the word and market their campaigns for targeted audiences to help projects get fully funded on sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub and GoFundMe. Over $4,000,000 has been raised by all of those projects in that time, and you can see a few below.

We have also been featured and mentioned as one of the Top 10 crowdfunding blogs on several prominent blogs and crowdfunding industry leading sites like, The GadgetFlow,, Crowdcrux 1 and 2, and CrowdfundingPR

Some of Our Most Successful and Current Crowdfunding Projects in 2015!

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1. How our Crowdfunding Promotional Services Work

First you order a plan, its simple & easy. Then we get started on project optimization & social media campaigns.

2. We Promote Your Campaign

We get your project into press releases & social bookmarking sites (Stumpleupon, Pinterest, etc.). Top bloggers & writers will receive your project from us. We boost your crowdfunding campaign.

3. You Build a Crowd & Get More Backers

Social media, press releases, bloggers and journalists can bring hundreds or thousands of potential backers to your crowdfunding project.

ayudos homepage featured blog post

Featured Blog Homepage Article

We have a pretty popular crowdfunding blog if we do say so our selves. We have written and collected articles about various crowd-funding campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo , Rockethub and several other platforms as well as Breaking industry news on Equity Crowdfunding and emerging New Crowdfunding Portals. Why wouldn’t you want to be featured on the homepage of the Ayudos Crowdfunding Blog?


Social Media Campaign

We will share your crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, etc. with our social media fans on Twitter, Facebook and more as part of most of our packages. We currently have nearly 14,000 active, targeted and responsive followers on Twitter and over 17,000 interested fans on Facebook , plus hundreds of followers and subscribers on Pinterest, Youtube and Google+ and growing. We can easily spread the hype about your crowd-funding project and bring potential funders your way with our interactive and social followers.

Press , Media & Blogger Promotions

We have great relationships with top people who control press releases and bloggers and journalists who own their own high ranking news websites. We have access to the largest web traffic websites and blogs in the world. We will advertise your campaign to any target audience, category, or keywords. Some need approval after submission but if accepted that is thousands of visitors to your campaign.

General Press Releases will give your crowdfunding project exposure in well known online news websites. These websites are trusted media sources that would send thousands of people to your campaign. Below is just an example not a complete list.

press release and social media

Professionally Written Press Release and Journalist Promotion

We have formed relationships with members of the press and free-lance journalists. We have a huge list of members of the press who write for some of the largest newspapers, websites and blogs in the world. We will promote your project to those members of the press who best cover your specific category. If they decide to write about you they could send hundreds of potential funders to your project within hours of hearing about it.

Real-Time Stat & Analyticsbitly statsPicture 16

We keep track of the traffic we send to your crowdfunding project and we also track the sources of your traffic. We share this data with you, giving you the ability to see exactly how many people we are sending to your project. This data is valuable to us as it helps us to test and improve our services. If we send out a Tweet or post on Facebook which receives a high number of clicks, we will adjust and follow up with similar tweets and posts. This allows us to improve our services to you by constantly refining our marketing effort for your crowdfunding project.

Youtube Channel Marketing  & Video Marketing and Distribution


Some of Our Most Successful Crowdfunding Projects in 2014!

Some of Our Most Successful Crowdfunding Projects from 2013!

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