January 14, 2014— California-based clothing line makes noise in the West Coast fashion crowd with its preppy and classy men’s and women’s wear. Noah Elijah Toivo, the man behind Prince Pepster, describes his clothing line as “a clash between class and sass”. Noah says, “I have created a selection of different shirts. They’re simple, classy and some have a bit of wit.”

Eye-catching with its originality yet with endearingly classy designs, Prince Prepster is sure to make heads turn in the streets and even in the runway. The clothing line is full of promise. As a start, the shirts are made from 100% cotton from American Apparel T-Shirts, which are manufactured in Los Angeles, California. The fashionable are sure to look forward to additions in Noah’s line, including scarves, button-downs, chinos, jeans, belts, dresses, tops and heels.

How it started

Prince Prepster started out as an online shopping site for those looking classy and preppy clothes. Now, it has branched out to create its own line. Noah shares, “I’m just a young man attempting to make my dreams come true by following my heart” He adds, “I absolutely love fashion and everything it can say about a person. If you’re happy, sad, excited, or confident. Others have music or dance, but I live for the art of simply dressing up.”

At 20 years old, Noah has already made himself known in clothing and retail with his shopping site, with his fashion blogging taking its own share of the spotlight in theurbandinosaur.com. His fashion blog started in January 2013, with a rapidly growing following that, within six months, gathered a fan base of 60,000. Today, theurbandinosaur has a following of more than 110,000. Noah graduated from FIDM in 2013, with an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising. He sees Prince Prepster as his stepping stone into making it big as a designer and stylist.

Prince Prepster and Indiegogo

To make his passion and dream into a reality, Noah launched an Indiegogo campaign to jumpstart his clothing line and help him offer a more diverse collection for men and women. “From mixed patterns on a button-down shirt to a gown that flows effortlessly,” Noah aims to get his designs out to the big brands and be heard.

He aims to raise $5,000 and in return, contributors will get to have a sneak peek into his designs and have their own Prince Prepster clothing. T-Shirts exclusively designed by Noah are up for grabs, as well as a chance to spend the entire day with the up-and-coming stylist and designer.

To find out more about Prince Prepster and Noah’s crowd-funding campaign, you can visit his Indiegogo page or go to the official Prince Prepster website. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.